MotherDen makes housework accomplished in quicker, easier & safer way ! Give a safe & quality lifestyle to loves one cause they deserved the best!
* Enzymes act as catalysts and help complex reactions occur everywhere in life
* Enzymes effectively break down stains into small molecules that are completely water soluble
* Require NO extra force or high temperature to reach ideal cleaning effect
* Gives consumers improved cleaning performance while continuing to save water and energy
* Environment benefit: Enzymes in the product will continue to break down grease and germs collected inside of drain pipes, reduce chance of water pollution

MotherDen Multi-Enzyme Cleanser:
* Baby Clothing Enzyme Cleanser 218ml
* Baby Bottle Enzyme Cleanser 218ml
* Fruits & Vegetables Enzyme Cleanser 388ml
* Dish Enzyme Cleanser 388ml
* Kitchen Enzyme Cleanser 388ml

Travel size is available too!

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