Sono Travel Pillow

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ERGONOMIC DESIGN : The inward curve, the rounded shoulders, the gentle rise, all combine to gently tilt your head back towards its natural resting state. A state that opens the airways to promote better, healthier breathing, and more air means more oxygen to the brain and deeper more restful sleep.

CHUNKY LATERAL BOLSTERSThe side bolsters conform to your collar bone, rising all the way to the chin to reduce lateral flexion. Meaning your neck won’t get sore from falling to the side.

FLEXIBLE SPINEThe flexible spine allows you to contort the SONO Pillow into whatever position suits your sleeping style.

THINNER NECK BANDThe thin neck band allows the head to tilt back into the headrest of the seat and be supported naturally, reducing stress and soreness behind the neck and lower back.

THERMO SENSITIVE MEMORY FOAMMade from thermosensitive memory foam the SONO Pillow provides excellent loft and support without being too stiff nor too soft.

HYPOALLERGENIC VELOURMade from hypoallergenic velour, the cover is soft, supple and promotes better breathing by reducing congestion. It is also fully machine washable.

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Sono Pillow

Ergonomic, Memory Foam, Comfort & Flexible, Washable Cover